Lamaplast has an established in-house team of professionals in order to offer advice, project management and consultancy services. This specialist team is dedicated to providing customer-focused support, with emphasis on problem solving and tailor-made solutions.

Free analysis

The proposition is simple - we offer a free initial study and report that will assess any opportunities to design or to improve your product or your operations. This will involve an analysis of current practice and equipment; a review of current and future needs and the application of ‘what if’ thinking.

 Our customers and the industry believe that we have the Experience that we can generally predict savings on overall costs. Returns on investment can be dramatic with remarkably short pay-back periods.

Consultancy Support

If you need help with the implementation of a solution, we offer full project management services to oversee, support and manage more complex projects.

 GREEK Market leading IN design and manufacture

Lamaplast is one of the leading plastics processors in the Balkan with great expertise in manufacturing and process technologies. The company is also resourced to provide the highest standards of product design and testing.


Innovation through creative design has always been a driving force of the business. Since Lamaplast strategy is to develop unique products and to be a benchmarked in the Balkan plastic industry.
With in-house design centre, we are able to develop products and concepts that embrace the latest material and process technologies.


Our manufacturing plants strategically located in Thessalonica. Our specialize plastics processing techniques is injection, in order to give to our customers the best of it. 

We lead the field in the use and application of advanced polymers and aim to continue at the forefront of plastics injection technology.

Quality is rigorously maintained to the highest levels, with plants operating to stringent, internationally recognised, standards and procedures.

Product testing is a fundamental feature of our design and manufacturing programmes. All our products are tested to extremes to guarantee long lasting performance.