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The delivery box is suitable for take-away food distribution.
It is designed to serve the needs and expectations of every food store and the distribution of take-away food.
Some of the most significant advantages are the followings:

- Thermal insulation properties.

- Safety of the product during its distribution.

- Easy to clean.

- Neat design.

- Impact resistance.

- Automatic locking system that touches on the gasket, prevents the circulation of the cool air in the box resulting in the protection of the foods from contaminants and low temperature during distribution.

The delivery box is designed by approved material (ABS) which is aligned with the standards and regulations regarding the transportation and the food contact.
Due to the fact that delivery box is aligned with the regulation of the food and drink code, it is the only one that you can include in the HACCP System of your company.
We would like to highlight that the transportation of food for distribution at home should be done in thermal insulation boxes made by approved material (ABS, Stainless Steel) and in containers of approved material according to the Food and Drink Code.

Make the difference with the new innovating proposal of the lighted Delivery Box which is the best way for a food distribution company to be advertized and is added value since it offers safety to the distributors.
    EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS:  50cm width x 50cm depth x 60cm height

Lock, Automatic locking system και special key

  Floating shelf to the desired height an additional shelf (optional)
    Reinforced base for strength, stability and security
     Hinges and lock designed for hard use

   Door sealing onto gasket

    The internal door can be used as work bench

    Easy to clean and sanitize all spaces

    Lights with 16 powerful, waterproof led (optional)

    Material STAREX ABS HG-0760AT,totally recycled

    Very high Thermal insulation property  Κ=0,04W/M0C

    Mechanical Resistance in impacts 16kJ/m2

    Service, spare parts, technical support