In our days, due to the growing interest in fresh fruits and vegetables, the need for proper transportation, storage, preserving the quality of these products and reduce losses from damaged goods has arisen. All these reasons led supermarket chain AB Vassilopoulos to assinge to LAMAPLAST S.A. the design and manufacture of reusable plastic crate with special rods suitable for the safe transportation and guaranteed protection of fresh fruits and vegetables. LAMAPLAST, for the first time in Greece, manufactured the reused plastic crates in two dimensions:
1. Size: 600x400x240mm and capacity 47lt
2. Size: 600x400x190mm and capacity 35lt
The new crates offer many advantages in the supply chain of supermarkets, and not only :
Reduce waste storage materials up to 25%
Reduce the amount of damaged goods at least 20% due to the specific design of the crate allowing air circulation and the correct selection of the construction material (polypropylene)
Reduce truck route up to 260,000 km per year
Reduce transportation costs by 25%, since it allows the one crate to be placed on the other
Reduce energy consumption by 52 m KWh per year.
Significant reduction in total cost of controling the production of agricultural products and
They meet all European quality standards and environmental protection
Also, these special crates are available in various colors (green, blue) to be in harmony with the products placed in them.
LAMAPLAST designs and manufactures crates that satisfy your needs. "