Lamaplast specialises in the manufacturing of special industrial plastics on order, as well as in the designing and construction of injection moulding technology.
Moreover, it manufactures and commercialises plastic sanitary articles, plastic, metal and other furniture for domestic or professional use (contract market).
Our Mission statement
Our company is acknowledged to be one of the leading presences of the plastic sector through:-Production of quality products fully compliant with market requirements-Focusing on rapid development and continuous improvement of our company's competitive stance.Aiming at: -Creating shareholder value-Creating customer value before, during and after our cooperation
Individual and professional development of our human resources / our employees.
Dimitrios Lagos and Athanasios Mandaltsis established Lamaplast in Thessaloniki in 1963. The philosophy of the founders was based on growing from a small company, through quality, no matter what sacrifices it demanded. In the beginning, the core activity of the company was mould designing and construction.
Based on unwavering, hard-set steps and due to high persistence and diligence (hard work) of the founders and staff of the company, Lamaplast has evolved to one of the high calibre industries in the geographical area of Greece and Balkans specialised in designing and production of plastic articles.
The company’s commendation by its start-up had a family character. Today, Lamaplast continues to be a family business; and most of the family members of the administration board come from the families of the founders.
The staff that are the heads of the various departments of the company, have one and only one goal, to keep the hard work of the successful and upward course, without setbacks in quality and efficiency, something that concerns all departments of the business.