Brief history

Lamaplast was founded in Thessaloniki in 1963.

During the first years of its operation, the main activity of the company was the design and manufacture of matrices (moulds). But over time, Lamaplast evolved into the company it is today, expanding its scope to include a wide range of services and products, being able to fully respond to the needs of its customers.

Our Mission

The recognition of the company as one of the leading companies in the plastic industry through:

  • The offer of quality products according to market requirements
  • Focusing on achieving rapid growth and continuous improvement of the company's competitive position

Our goals

  • Excellent relationships with all the company's customers, based on personal contact with its management and executives
  • The development of our human resources
  • Ability to provide complete solutions to subcontracting customers (from the moment the idea of ​​a product is conceived, until its implementation)