LAMAPLAST - Plastic Industry

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Molds designing

Mold construction

Testing - Production of plastic parts

Mold maintenance


Assembly - fitting

Designing, Construction and Mold maintenance

Since 1963, Lamaplast has been active in the design and manufacture of high quality and precision moulds for the production of injection molding plastic items. Utilizing our know-how, many years of experience and skills, we have managed to become the competitive advantage of our customers.

Every customer is unique, as are their needs also. We are by the customer’s side at every step of the process in order to offer complete solutions. From the precise design based on the strict specifications and specialized needs of the customer until the detailed manufacturing in the optimal way and cost. We don’t make any discount on the quality and longevity of the mold. Starting with the production of the plastic objects and ending with the maintenance and storage of the moulds.

Lamaplast’s emphasis on quality is confirmed both by the quality certificates previously awarded to us by well known technical institutes in Denmark and Germany (P. I. 2282), the International Technology Award (Frankfurt 1982) and by the implementation of the Total Quality System according to the ISO 9001 / ELOT certificate.

We have ISO 9001: 2015 certification for the manufacture of precision molds and process control. Quality and conformity are constantly ensured, while a precise program of control, validation and certification of suppliers is carried out for all the raw materials we use.

We strongly believe in continuous improvement and constantly evolve our processes and methods, in order to achieve the highest accuracy and quality, in all phases of construction