M 2016

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 45x35x45/10
Assembling: In 4 points
Material: Polypropylene Copolymer / Polyamide
Additives: UV, FR, Antistatic
Prod. Method: Injection Moulding
Certification: ISO 9001, EN 12727
Colours: White, Red, Blue, Black
Base colours:  Black



M 2016


 Width 45 cm. height 35 cm. depth 45 cm open / 10 cm closed. Ergonomic, without sharp edges, and with a place for numbering. Thanks to its size and technical properties, it can be used in all areas of a stadium, also where the characteristics of the staircase do not allow the installation of folding seats, all this without compromising the design, comfort, durability and technical performance. The two sides of the seats are connected to a central axis, around which the seat rotates, according to UNI EN ISO 13200-4: 2006 point 5.1 (accessible moving parts), preventing accidental pinching of fingers during rotation.

The tilt of the seat is carried out by gravity, through a counterweight that is not visible and not accessible as it is located in a special closed compartment.


In 4 points on the step of the grandstand (throw)

Seat Material

High quality copolymer Polypropylene Copolymer / Polyamide

Base Material

High quality Polyamide with glass fibers, particularly suitable for areas with high humidity and salt concentration.


Ultra Violet 915 (UV), proper for outdoor resistance

Antistatic, suitable for reducing dust concentration on the seat surface.

Flame Retardant (FR), according to V2 or Class1, FIFA / UEFA  standards.

Production method.

Injection moulding under ISO 9001 standards