Pallets 1200X1000mm One way (ISO)

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1200x1000x140mm (EURO)

Surface Type:


Weght of pallet (kg):


Dynamic load (kg):


Static load (Kg):






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Plastic pallet. It is possible to add a logo and other color for more than 500 pieces. The white colour is suitable for direct contact with food.

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Advantages of using Plastic Pallets :
· Meet all Hygiene and Safety requirements according to the standards of ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP).
· The white pallet is suitable for contact with foods accompanied by certificate of suitability of the material according to 2002/72/EC
· In any case, no need for disinfestations compared to the wood pallets (International Standard ISPM 15- Community Directive 2004/102) since they are not infected by microorganisms.
· The loading weight could be varied from type to type from 2 tons to 4,5 tons referring to the static loading capacity (storage on the ground) and 1 ton to 2,5 tons referring to the dynamic loading capacity.
· They can be used for multiple number of routes compared to the wood pallets
· Safer for the users and the products since they do not have sharp edges and they do not brake easily.
· They are resistant to acids, solvents, fats and do not absorb odors and moisture.
· All pallets of the same type are exactly the same regarding their dimensions and their weight.
· They are not affected by the environmental changes.
· They do not absorb moisture which means that their weight remains unchanged.
· They can be stored outdoors, saving space by stowing one within the other.
· They provide the possibility to place 3 more runners increasing the loading tolerance.
· They can be recycled. There is the possibility we to purchase back the useless or destroyed pallets as material.
· With respect to the environment and the economic benefit for the owner of the pallets due to their fully recycling.